E.D.A. PRO DOGS Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have a backlog of Behavioral home visits therefore unfortunately we will not be taking on any more appointments this year. Also our training hall is still not yet available so none of our courses are running we will announce any changes as they happen. Our sincere apologies to anyone who needs our help and as soon as we are able to we will let you know via website and our Facebook Page.
E.D.A. PRO DOGSDue to the Covid19 pandemic we have a backlog of Behavioral home visits therefore unfortunately we will not be taking on any more appointments this year. Also our training hall is still not yet available so none of our courses are running we will announce any changes as they happen. Our sincere apologies to anyone who needs our help and as soon as we are able to we will let you know via website and our Facebook Page.  



What inspired me to discover Dog Scootering was trying to exercise high energy Dogs that could not be off the leash, usually because they won't come back.


Even if your Dog only weighs 30 pounds it can pull you on a scooter giving you freedom to rush through the country side with your dog something you can't do on foot.

Think of it as walking your dog with a scooter instead of a leash.


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