E.D.A. PRO DOGS Due to the Covid19 pandemic we have a backlog of Behavioral home visits therefore unfortunately we will not be taking on any more appointments this year. Also our training hall is still not yet available so none of our courses are running we will announce any changes as they happen. Our sincere apologies to anyone who needs our help and as soon as we are able to we will let you know via website and our Facebook Page.
E.D.A. PRO DOGSDue to the Covid19 pandemic we have a backlog of Behavioral home visits therefore unfortunately we will not be taking on any more appointments this year. Also our training hall is still not yet available so none of our courses are running we will announce any changes as they happen. Our sincere apologies to anyone who needs our help and as soon as we are able to we will let you know via website and our Facebook Page.  


Walk & wash is a special service we offer for one of those occasions where circumstances dictate, you need Fido walked but it's filthy dirty outside, and you need Fido back clean and looking his best.


We will take him out for our usual full hour of exercise, play with his pal's and socialise with the pack, then whisk him off for a shampoo and blow-dry and pop him back ready for your return.


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