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  • Barbara Gladston (Sunday, August 13 23 11:22 am BST)

    Can't recommend Chris's one to one training enough. With 2 dogs, an 8 year old who we've had since a puppy, and 2 year old rescue who has been here 3 months, I had got to the point of not being able to walk them together due to pulling and barking at everything. With Chris's help they are almost different dogs and from the first session was able to walk them with no issues! It will still take time and work but we now have the techniques we need to have well behaved dogs.

  • Colin Ramshaw (Monday, January 16 23 07:42 pm GMT)

    Chris called at our house today to assist with our two dogs, Monty aged 12 years and Cleo aged 6 months.
    Chris showed my wife and I how to train our dogs and also explained about pack mentality which was very informative and interesting. The work he did directly with both dogs, especially so Cleo showed results straight away.
    I would recommend him highly.

  • Eve (Monday, September 05 22 09:56 pm BST)

    Chris came to my home today to see my reactive GSD Odin. He gave me so much information about why Odin is reactive, and how Odin has took the role of pack leader; he demonstrated how to correct this behaviour and how I can become pack leader. We went on a walk and seen numerous dogs, and I was actually gob smacked how close we got to other dogs and how well Odin behaved. I know we have a long road ahead, but thanks to Chris I feel confident that I have all the tools and knowledge to correct Odins behaviour. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone, I have used other trainers in the past and have never seen Odin respond and behave so well as he has with Chris. I look forward to joining in on his classes to help Odin on his journey.

  • Sue Cartwright (Tuesday, August 02 22 11:04 am BST)

    Having had big problems with Kevin my GSD, Chris came to see us. Within 24 hours I have noticed a big change. His teaching and the manual he leaves are brilliant. I now have a more positive feeling about being able to handle my dog. Cant thank him enough.

  • Janet (Wednesday, August 18 21 02:29 pm BST)

    I met Chris many years ago when he came to my house to help with Alfie’s behaviour he was amazing his knowledge and calmness around and with dogs is amazing. Lately Alfie would not listen to me I called on Chris again his methods work and the folder he leaves is great. It’s like having him on hand so you can recap. I can highly recommend him to anyone who needs help and guidance about dogs.

  • Janet Richardson (Wednesday, August 18 21 02:00 pm BST)

    My dog Alfie has been with Chris since he was a puppy he is 9 this year, I found Chris when I was having issues with Alfie and visitors. In short he was the boss through Chris I learnt how to be a good dog owner. And how to get Alfie to understand I’m the boss. I can highly recommend Chris as a trainer his calm confident style and manor puts you and your dog at ease. I’ve been using his guidance and it works. With the folder Chris leaves you always have him at hand to go over each part. Brilliant.

  • Leigh (Saturday, October 26 19 08:38 am BST)

    Amazing advice and help for training our pup.

  • Steven (Tuesday, October 22 19 11:51 am BST)

    We had a one on one session with Chris and our Boston terrier Charlie and were amazed with how quickly he seemed to get him to listen to commands, he showed us some things that had an instant change on his behaviour towards us and explained to us the reasoning behind the behaviour in the first place making us realise that in fact it can be the way we react to a situation that sets him off in the first place. Charlie still has a long way to go but I’m sure with the lessons we have learned and the on going support he will be just fine

  • Lynn Bolden (Tuesday, October 01 19 03:13 pm BST)

    I have recently got a new border terrier puppy who is absolutely adorable but who was beginning to be quite naughty and destructive. We have had rescue dogs in the past and were unsure how to start with a pup but we wanted to start as we meant to go on to ensure we had a manageable and well behaved adult dog.
    Chris came to the house and basically talked us through absolutely everything. The effect on our puppy was almost immediate!! it is now up to us to carry this through but we will be eternally grateful for the best start in his little life.
    I can't recommend the session highly enough!

  • Rachel Mills (Saturday, February 16 19 08:17 pm GMT)

    I can not thank Chris enough.
    We have a very fearful puppy who was beginning to get aggressive with me and my partner and we were not equipped to deal with her issues. Chris visited us and went through different techniques and training methods which are working brilliantly and we are seeing improvements (slowly but surely haha)
    Nothing is ever too much and we have asked for advice and assistance time and time again and never been made to feel like it was a hassle to anyone.
    Most importantly I trust Chris with my dog and she gets on so well with him I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

  • Cameron (Thursday, December 20 18 08:36 pm GMT)

    Cant thank Chris enough for coming out and seeing Loki who definitely had a few puppy issues and owners had a few issues as well, dog and owners doing well now

  • Lynn Cowan (Tuesday, October 02 18 08:20 am BST)

    We had Chris come to our house five weeks ago after I had an incident with our dog , I had no confidence and was fearful of other dogs. Chris spent three hours with my husband and myself going over lots of techniques and training which has been going extremely well and my confidence has grown so much it is all on going and Chris has witnessed the improvement in our dog and myself. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone I was ready to throw in the towel and now feeling so much happier .
    Thank you

  • Lilian (Monday, July 09 18 08:40 pm BST)

    Had to take my Labrador Jackson back to see the vet, not his favourite place as he is very nervous, normally he would react to people in reception, the vet, anybody that's there, by the time he has to see the vet he has to be muzzled!!! Chris came with us this time and it was like taking a different dog. He didn't react to anyone in reception, a nurse came through and he even wanted a tummy rub, went in to see the vet, he was nervous, gave a little grumble, Chris corrected him and that was it, he was examined (and it was a very personal examination!!!) and NO MUZZLE first time ever. Can't thank Chris enough, it was such a relief both for Jackson and myself.

  • Sarah and Tom (Tuesday, May 08 18 10:02 pm BST)

    We've just had the pleasure of having Chris over to our home to work his Magic on our excitable choc lab Bruno.
    He has given us some fantastic ideas and things to work on and took his time to get to know us and the dog.
    As soon as he walked into the house our dog picked up on his energy and changed before our eyes!
    It was such a success! He has left myself and my partner determined to give this our all and work on our wonderful dog to get the best from him and make him happy, confident and feel secure.
    Thank you so much Chris! I highly recommend you to anyone wanting guidance.
    We will certainly be seeing you in the future attending your classes and walks.

  • Alyson Hedley (Sunday, March 11 18 08:19 pm GMT)

    Chris I have just seen a photo of Billy the rescue X terrier from Blyth playing with other dogs for 01st time ever. You are amazing, training us humans in how to help our furbabies. Thank you for sharing g your knowledge

  • David, Amanda & Simba (Thursday, December 14 17 06:41 pm GMT)

    We have used Chris for many years now, simply as a dog walker however his abilities are far beyond that of walking dogs. He specialises in training large breeds (or difficult small ones) which need Exercise Discipline & Affection (EDA-after the renowned American 'dog whisperer' Cesar Millan). His ability to train even the most troublesome dog is exceptional. He understands each dog and their personal requirements to give you a fulfilling relationship with your dog. Although he & his team take out several dogs together, the 'pack walk' is essential in instilling your dog's discipline within the pack. Subsequent benefits are instantly noticeable when he returns your pooch. He is always trustworthy, courteous and punctual and will give 100% even in the most inclement weather. I have recommended Chris to many people, particularly his puppy class, and have only had positive feedback. I cannot speak highly enough of EDA Pro-Dogs.

  • Stephen (Thursday, November 30 17 09:21 pm GMT)

    I have been on the puppy course over the last 6 weeks with my Staffie and my daughter. My daughter was in charge of the dog on the course and I only watched as I wanted her to learn and bond with the dog while having fun. I could totally recommend this course to anyone it was fantastic and both my daughter and my dog loved it. Jackie, Chris and Karen are all very knowledgeable and take time to answer any questions that you have. Jackie also took time out when she was doing the class to talk to my daughter and make sure she understood. Five star class. I will definitely be carrying on with the basic course.
    Thanks again Stephen

  • Carole Golden (Wednesday, October 18 17 08:16 am BST)

    17th October 2017 We have a beautiful 14month German Sheoherd dog who we love very much however since moving home he has become very territorial so we knew we had a problem that needed correcting but didn’t have the skills to do it ourselves so we done some research and found Chris the dog wizard who assessed the problems and taught us how to become good pack leaders! Really looking forward to puttting everything that we were taught in to practice! Money well spent I would highly recommend!

  • Noel Chambers (Wednesday, April 26 17 06:20 pm BST)

    Chris is a magician!! I have a very high energy, naughty, stubborn 22 month old pup. Every day was a battle with him. Consulting a trainer from a different company and attending puppy lessons made no difference to his behaviour at all. A mere 24 hours after his visit Drax has a massively noticeable new attitude. We have worked hard over the last day putting into practice Chris' tips and for the first time since we had him we have a calm pup who is better behaved and listening to us. He is a profile sock thief and usually when he gets one the result is a 5 minute chase through the house then a tug of war. Today he grabbed one, dropped it straight away and I was able to leave it within his grasp while leaving the room and he didn't take it again. So, so glad we contacted Chris and can't recommend or praise him enough. Seriously the best thing we have ever done consulting Chris and I only wish we had have done it sooner

  • Michelle anderson (Tuesday, March 21 17 06:25 pm GMT)

    I've been attending the puppy training course at Gateshead for three weeks now and I would totally recommend the course for ANY puppy owner! Whilst I had already taught my puppy a few of the basic commands: sit, lie down, paw, etc.. I have gained so much valuable knowledge. I now have a greater understanding of how my puppy thinks and thanks to Jackie (course instructor) I now have a fantastically well behaved five months old pup. Thank you EDA Pro dogs.

  • The Bannon family (Thursday, March 02 17 08:57 pm GMT)

    Chris came to help us with our 10 month old Tibetan Terrier Dexter. It's only been a day and the change in Dexter's behaviour has been incredible, hardly any barking and he is so much more relaxed. Chris gave us a great plan with loads of tips and was willing to answer as many questions as we had (he was very patient with us!) We attended the dog training class tonight and it was a great experience. We are definitely coming back and we highly recommend Chris

  • M Cant (Tuesday, February 28 17 08:33 pm GMT)

    Our rottweiler puppy Rory joined the EDA gang from being 12 weeks old attending puppy classes and enjoying the dog walking service with Chris and Karen. Chris and Karen have exceeded all expectations and have gone above and beyond to ensure Rory gets what he needs and also giving advice to my partner and I. Couldn't be happier with Rorys 2nd family!

  • Rachel and Mark (Friday, February 17 17 06:19 pm GMT)

    Chris came out for a home visit with our frenchie Thor to help with general misbehaving and over excitement both at home and when out for a walk. The difference in a couple of days has been unbelievable and we now have a happier more settled dog taking his correct place within the pack.

  • Eleanor Borrowdale (Wednesday, February 08 17 07:10 pm GMT)

    Chris came to our house last night. We have a border collie who barked at the TV especially adverts. Chris taught us how to be the Alpha male and how to correct the dogs bad behaviour. We are so impressed he has not barked once at the TV. We have played some of the games tonight and we have a calm dog. I would highly recommend. Thanks money well spent

  • Yvonne and Alan (Tuesday, January 31 17 03:23 pm GMT)

    Chris came to see our Shepherd, Leo last night who shows signs of aggression and is very difficult to walk, lunging at everything, dogs, people walking, people on bikes, you name it. He showed us how to control and adjust his behaviour , it wasn't short of a miracle! We noticed a difference immediately, it's going to take a while but we're on the right track, thank you so much Chris!!

  • DianeW (Wednesday, November 30 16 02:54 pm GMT)

    Chris came to meet our rescued cairn terrier who had developed a habit of pulling towards the moon since an incident with a full moon and a reflection in a new road sign outside our garden (yes really!). Chris asked if our dog had any other excitable behaviour and yes he does (about buses, motorbikes, squirrels and the sun rising through the trees etc...). Chris identified that our dog was trying to be a leader but he was not leader material. He gave us various techniques to show us how we could become leaders. The effect was immediate. We still have a long way to go but we can see progress. Thank you very much Chris for helping us to help our dog.

  • Paul kiefer (Sunday, August 07 16 12:45 pm BST)

    We got Chris to come to our home to give us advice and guidance as we were having problems with Blue, our Kerry blue terrier. Pulling on the lead, being bossy, jumping up at people and being a total
    nightmare around other dogs. After Chris's expert and enthusiastic advice we are starting to see real progress. Chris never criticised us or the dog , instead made us feel positive about changing the
    way we behave to improve our dogs behaviour. We are enjoying having the dog again and look forward to attending his classes. Well worth every penny!! Thanks

  • Amy (Tuesday, July 26 16 08:58 am BST)

    Chris came out on a home visit to meet Duke (retriever cross shepherd) last night as I was having problems with him being over excited,pully, bossy etc. I learned so much about the way a dogs mind
    works and that actually his behaviour was encouraged by me with giving him too much affection at the wrong times. I also learned about setting boundries and balancing his exercise between physical
    and mental. Duke is thoroughly enjoying his games of treasure hunt and hiding a toy or treat under 1 of 3 plantpots, and I'm looking forward to hide and seek later. All of the advice and explanations
    Chris gave make sense to me, I just needed some guidance and a plan put together to help me bond with Duke and become pack leader.By following my plan pack, I am very confident in seeing big results.
    Thanks Chris!

  • Michael (Wednesday, July 13 16 08:38 pm BST)

    Thank you for your time with Jack (28 month old GSD). As advised he slept on the landing last night. Today he walked to the park using your techniques also played frisbee the same way. He is a
    different dog, still a long way to go but I didn't expect as much change so quickly. New games and collar ordered. ***** Thank You.

  • Helen (Friday, June 03 16 08:57 pm BST)

    Needed help with our two minature dachshunds , barking at everyone that came to house and pulled when walking on leads. Chris came to the house , they barked non stop for about 5 minutes, Chris
    showed us how to react with them and for the rest of the two hours we never heard from them, we couldn't believe the transformation . He gave us information on training them how to behave when
    visitors come and we took them for a walk , which Chris took one of the dogs and was amazed at how he behaved walking with Chris. He showed us how to become pack leaders which we had not been doing
    in the past. Since he left we have been doing our homework with the boys and within two weeks we have seen a big difference in the behaviour of them , we still have a way to go but we can not thank
    Chris for all his help and would recommend him to anyone.

  • Catherine Doughty (Thursday, May 05 16 01:03 pm BST)

    Chris came to the house last night to see Bruce our Staffie pup. He is a very excitable pup with pulling issues and loved to control everyone. I was so shocked at how he behaved around Chris, he was
    calm and relaxed for the first time since i got him and he even slept in his own bed all night for the first time. Chris is amazing and he makes you feel so at ease, i have learnt alot in just a
    couple of hours. cant wait to see how he gets on when we start classes with Chris. Ive seen it before on TV but i never thought it actually worked but he truely is a very gifted man where dogs are
    concerned, Thanks Chris

  • matty (Sunday, May 01 16 10:47 am BST)

    Chris visited our house to help me with my labrador pup.
    I was amazed by his advice and information.I would say to anybody with dog problems a visit from chris is a must!!!

  • Donna & Andy (Thursday, April 07 16 09:11 pm BST)

    Chris visited us on Monday evening, he spent so much time educating and sharing his knowledge with us. He demonstrated the basics with our puppy which was invaluable. Since Monday we have put this
    into practice and wow what a difference it has made already. Chris has since stayed in contact and sent us further information. I had heard excellent reviews about Chris but can honestly say it's the
    best decision we made contacting him. We are now attending his Thursday evening classes, which are extremely friendly and worthwhile. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough for anyone having problems
    however big or small!

  • Ailsa Brook (Thursday, April 07 16 12:21 pm BST)

    We booked a home visit for some early training advice for our 8 week old Sprocker puppy. The background information about dog psychology was fascinating and informative as were the practical
    tips.Will be signing up for socialisation classes and pack works as soon as she is old enough. Thanks Chris.

  • Graeme and Susan (Wednesday, March 02 16 07:18 pm GMT)

    We booked a home visit yesterday and within 10 minutes of demonstration of establishing boundaries in the house Coco was obeying command with a great sigh of relief and also in Chris's pocket. She
    excessively barked at everyone passing the house, after Chris left she didn't bark once. Even within 1 day we have noticed a 100% improvement, we have a lot of activities to work with her and some
    are exercise and discipline but also finding time to have play time. Guests have just been and can see a difference already, much more dog like and less me, me, me. Looking forward to improving our
    skills as dog owners and Coco can heave a sigh of relief. Money well spent and would definitely recommend Chris.

  • faye (Thursday, January 28 16 06:04 pm GMT)

    I booked a home visit with Chris to seek some help with my very bold pomeranian. I can honestly say it was the best £50 I have ever spent. He was brilliant. He spent lots of time going through the
    initial plan and explaining the reasons for my dogs behaviour. He then demonstrated the techniques which really gave me confidence and reassurance that with time and consistency my dogs behaviour
    will improve.

  • Kieran (Sunday, January 24 16 11:47 am GMT)

    Contacted Chris because my 8 month old beagle was jumping and biting and very disobedient. Within 10 mins Chris being in his presence he was so much calmer. Chris is very experienced and highly
    skilled best 50 quid ever spent!!!!!

  • Carole Clarke (Sunday, September 27 15 04:30 pm BST)

    We contacted Chris because our labradoodle was barking and sometimes lunging at dogs we passed on our walks. I was amazed at how quickly Sooty responded to Chris and the methods he used. He took
    Sooty for a walk and there was an instant change in her behaviour. We are continuing to follow the advice Chris gave us and she is already so much better for not barking at other dogs. We took her to
    the pack walk today, which was fantastic, and gave her the opportunity to mix with lots of other dogs off the lead. Chris definitely has a special connection with dogs and if you need help with your
    dog, I would definitely recommend you give him a call.

  • Gemma (Friday, September 18 15 05:39 pm BST)

    Chris came out to my home today to work with my female Akita who's 5 and a half months he show us a lot of techniques on how to train and handle skylar, and showed us what we were doing wrong, would
    highly recommend chirs and Karen to anyone as they are lovely people and are always there to help, thank you again Chris......see you's sunday

  • Liz & Stanley (the Lakeland terrier) (Wednesday, September 09 15 01:33 pm BST)

    The recommendation I received for Chris is worth its weight in gold! We only met with Chris a few days ago but everything he said made perfect sense. We have put actions into place with immediate
    positive results. We recognise it's not a quick fix overnight and are fully on board with sticking with the plan to make long term changes. We know this will be as much for Stanley's benefit as it is
    for ours. We recognise there's still a long way to go, but it's reassuring to know Chris is on hand to continue to support us. I fully recommend Chris and only wish I had known about him sooner!

  • Brenda Moys (Wednesday, July 01 15 11:09 am BST)

    I have a 5 year old Shitzu x Bichon who I took in as a rescue dog five months ago. She had major issues when meeting other dogs on my walks, I used to dread bumping into anyone with a dog, she would
    go into a complete attack mode and nothing I did seemed to work. Called Chris in and by the end of his visit she had visibly improved. I walked her this morning as usual, we met a couple of dogs and
    she behaved really well. It's going to take time but I'm determined to be pack leader. Would definitely recommend Chris if you have a dog with behavioural problems. He is brilliant.

  • Sheila Holmes (Thursday, June 04 15 08:42 pm BST)

    We have a 20 mth old German Shepherd who we have had since she was 18mths. She was great with people and children but freaked out when meeting or seeing another dog. Chris came out to the house and
    did a thorough fact find about Izzy and we then took her out for a walk so he could judge the reaction and she did not disappoint reacting quite severely when coming across other dogs. Chris was
    brilliant so cool and calm but in control and he left us that night with a list of things to do which would help us and Izzy. We have started taking her to the class in Gateshead run by Chris and
    Karen and the pack walk on a Sunday morning. The difference in our gorgeous girl is unbelievable and we just can't thank Chris enough. We have a much happier dog and two much more relaxed owners. We
    have recommended Chris to other people and would not hesitate in recommending Chris and Karen to anyone who has a doggy problem, what they do is amazing, no raised voices and everything done in a
    very calm and controlled manner but leaving the dogs knowing who is boss. So pick up the phone and contact them it is so worthwhile.

  • Pete (Sunday, May 17 15 05:16 pm BST)

    My wife and I have a two year old German Shepard named Taz, we had tried and tried for a number of months to bring him under control. He would bark uncontrollably when people came to the door or into
    the house. He would become agitated when on a walk if we saw other dogs as well as pull and fight all the way around. I was skeptical but after one session with Chris, the change in Taz has been
    nothing short of extraordinary. I can't recommend Chris highly enough, he was friendly thorough and more importantly his advice works. It's not a quick fix, Chris makes it clear you get out what you
    put in, but we can already see a difference Taz is far more obedient and much more calm. Thanks very much.

  • judith turner (Tuesday, April 07 15 08:17 pm BST)

    I would not have believed the difference in our dog Daisy if I hadn\'t seen it with my own eyes. We were really struggling with her dominant behaviour including biting me, pulling on the lead,
    barking etc. Chris took control and went through the programme with us and then demonstrated the techniques. Daisy was a totally different dog who looked a lot happier and much calmer. I would
    recommend anyone who needs advice to contact Chris.

  • JANET RICHARDSON AND ALFIE (Thursday, March 26 15 02:42 pm GMT)


  • Lynn (Thursday, March 12 15 09:34 pm GMT)

    Invited Chris to try and calm our 14 month old German shepherd down a little. One session with him and us carrying out the \"rules\" we have a different puppy in the house - he\'s calmed down a lot
    and getting better by the day. Definitely recommend Chris and his techniques.

  • terry foster (Sunday, February 22 15 11:49 am GMT)

    Chris is amazing, we have a female staffy (lunar)with many issues. chris come to our house and explained about dogs needs and desires and worked his magic. massive improvement after 1 visit.also took
    her to his Thursday night session and chris stayed with lunar all night (thanks chris) and had her settled and calm whilst in other dogs company. will continue with Chris. Genuine dog sorter. Ace

  • Alyson & David Hedley (Saturday, January 24 15 03:01 pm GMT)

    Cant believe the difference already in only a few hours to our rescue Shitzu. He is now relaxed in his bed in stead of being up on my knee almost round my neck demanding attention. Just had a very
    pleasant walk with both dogs & no or very little pulling. Also they both sat & waited until told they could eat their dinner, no barking or growling in impatience whilst it was put out.
    Result! Thank you Chris.

  • Lindsay Burns (Friday, January 23 15 10:06 am GMT)

    We recently adopted Lea, a Romanian street dog who was becoming very stressed while traveling in the car. This is quite a big issue for me as my parents look after both dogs while we are at work and
    the dogs need to travel in the car to get there.
    I contacted Chris who arranged to come and see Lea at our home.
    After just one session there were massive improvements with Lea so I\'d just like to say a big thank you to Chris!

  • Andrea (Friday, January 16 15 12:07 am GMT)

    We would like to thank Chris for all his help Working with our 2 year old St. Bernard. There has been such a huge improvement in her behaviour after one visit and cannot thank you enough! Such a
    fantastic job!!

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